Popcorn is a universally popular snack enjoyed by people of all ages. Due to popcorn’s small weight, the entire box will be gone in no time, leaving you wanting more. Children would enjoy a birthday party with popcorn as a special treat. Chennai Birthday Planners has developed a novel way to provide an endless supply of this snack. There is need for fancy food or decorations for a kid’s birthday celebration. All they want is abundance of the things they love. Then let us know what kind of popcorn your child likes, and we’ll set up a popcorn counter as per your child’s wish. For the duration of a birthday party, three hours, these edible counters will be available for the kids to enjoy.


Cotton Candy is an enormous mass of puppy-pink sweetness that can transport even grownups back to their childhoods. Cotton candy is a source of wonder and joy for kids and adults of all ages. As a result, many wonderful times have been spent over the years, sharing them with dear friends. We’ll set aside an area of our candy shop where fluffy pink cotton candy may be found for your little child’s birthday.

At Chennai Birthday Planners, we have a firm policy that every kid should have the best birthday. All parties have things to do to make the guests happy and want the celebration to last longer. Our food court is distinguished by its many stands selling crowd-pleasing delicacies that are given an interesting twist here and there. Spend quality time with the kids and participate in the celebration as we handle all the details and decoration.


Kids would be in seventh heaven at a birthday party with chocolate fountains into which they could dip their breadsticks. Chennai Birthday Planners will help you plan a birthday party with a unique twist. There will be no limit on the amount of chocolate fountain one can have on any of these for three hours.So, we will be putting in our best effort to create a truly one-of-a-kind birthday bash with our best food decoration. Our chocolate fountain is distinguished by its many stands selling crowd-pleasing delicacies that are given an interesting twist.Children will always choose chocolate when given a choice between chocolate and any other dessert. Every child at the party can satisfy their sweet tooth at one of the many chocolate fountains we’ll have set up across the venue.