Chennai Birthday Planners offers a wide range of exciting amusement rides for guests to enjoy at their birthday parties. Here are some of our most popular rides we provide our guest at birthday parties.


Bounce around to your heart’s content on our giant inflatable castle. A jumping bouncy castle can be a fun addition to a birthday party, providing endless entertainment for your guests as they jump, bounce, and play. These jumping bouncy castles are very familiar with the kids and they enjoy a lot.


Slide down the inflatable slide and bounce back up for more fun. Slide Bouncy Castle is the highlight of any birthday party. Guests always have a blast climbing up and sliding down the inflatable slide. The colorful castle added a festive touch to the celebration and kept the children entertained for hours. Slide Bouncy castles are specifically made for the kids to feel the pleasure and have fun in a event.


Dive into our ball pool and swim around in a sea of colorful balls. Ball Pools are a fun addition to any birthday party, providing hours of entertainment for guests of all ages. Jumping, diving, and splashing into a sea of colorful balls is sure to make anyone’s day.


Take a ride on our colorful train and enjoy a scenic tour of the party area. The Toy Train amusement ride at the birthday party is always a hit with the guests.


Hold on tight and try to stay on the bull as it bucks and spins around. The Bull Rides amusement ride at birthday party’s is always a thrilling experience.


Saddle up and take a ride on one of our friendly ponies. Pony rides at a birthday party can add a fun and unique experience for guests. It allows them to interact with animals and creates memories that will last a lifetime.


Swirl and spin on our fun rocking rides. Rocking Rides at a birthday party can add an element of excitement and fun for guests. From bounce houses to inflatable slides, there are various options to choose from to make the party a memorable experience for the little ones.


Take a spin on our classic carousel and enjoy the music and lights. At the birthday party, the guests squealed in delight as they took turns riding the colorful Merry-Go-Round.
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